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Emelye (aka ‘Woo’) first discovered functional fitness (at this time it was the O.G. CrossFit) in October 2014, when looking for something to effectively channel her energy.  It immediately became a part of her daily routine and less than 4 months later she was already entering competitions and setting some pretty big goals.

Emelye was never really 'into sport' as such but instead, grew up in theatre, dancing, singing and acting for well over 20 years of her life. She trained at some of the World's most respected establishments including Italia Conte and then The Guilford School of Acting.  Emelye taught these disciplines alongside being a jobbing actress for many years before discovering sports. 


 Emelye’s teaching and coaching career spans more than 17 years – starting at the tender age of 13 when she would help out her mother's after school gymnastics club (would coach the infants) and choreograph for their regionally renowned youth theatre.  Emelye would also choreograph for local dance troupes, groups and theatre clubs.

After participating in functional fitness classes for 10 months, Emelye's coaching background was beginning to catch up with her and after shadowing classes for a few months, she took her CrossFit Level 1.  In February 2017 Emelye quit  her full time job as an Events Operations Manager and moved 150 miles away to Essex to coach full time at a well known facility and take her training 'next level'. 

Qualifications include:

  • CrossFit Level 2 

  • CrossFit Kids  

  • Advanced Gymnastics (CrossFit preferred course)  

  • Personal Training Level 2

  • Advanced Pilates Level 

  • First Aid, CPR & Defibrillation Level 3

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