Emelye (aka ‘Woo’) first discovered CrossFit in October 2014, when looking for something to channel her energies.

It immediately became a part of her daily routine and not 4 months later she was entering competitions and setting huge goals.

Emelye originally trained at The Guilford School of Acting in musical theatre & taught these disciplines alongside being a jobbing actress.  She then went on to become a L3 Pilates instructor & began to specialise in ‘p'rehabilitation’ exercise, as a means of preventing injury, not treating it.


 Emelye’s coaching career spans more than 15 years – starting at the tender age of 13 when she would help out her gymnastics club, coaching the infants and choreographing/teaching dance for local establishments & companies.

Emelye is a huge advocate of building people up and helping them realise their full potential.